About Alumni

 Government Degree College , Karvetinagaram  Alumni Association was started in 2008. It is formally registered in the year 2022.

1.Aims and Objectives in General:

  • To promote the cultural and social activities among the college students
  • To assist the college in its development
  • To exchange the views for the development of Alumni maters
  • To conduct the meetings and seminars for the old students of the college
  • To represent the problem to the concerned authorities if arises and solves it in a peaceful way
  • To facilitate the old students who achieved the higher walks of the life.
  •  To motivate the present students for their better future
  • To do all such useful things,deeds,acts as are essential or conductive to the attainment of the objectives of the association

2. Welfare of Alumni:

  • Provide moral support to Alumni when they are in need, professionally or personally.
  • Encourage and support entrepreneurship among  Alumni.
  • Encourage social networking and support gatherings for Alumni, locally all across the globe

3.. Welfare of Government Degree College, Karvetinagaram:

  • To encourage and motivate the Spirit among the budding  students of GDC , Karvetinagaram and pass it to the future generations
  • To encourage and support the  budding Students of GDC, Karvetinagaram to participate in the competitive examinations like IES, IAS, IPS, Banks, Railways, APPSC or others that compete.
  • Encourage & support Students financially to retain its academic excellence
  • To maintain a directory of the alumni
  • To help the Alumni to maintain contacts with the college