District Resource Centre (DRC) - Overview

Government Degree Colleges are spread across the state in all the districts. Most of them are located in rural and semi urban areas. They mostly serve students from poor and underprivileged sections of the society. The students of colleges located in rural areas face disadvantages like infrastructural and teacher shortages, lack of exposure to modern educational atmosphere and inadequate background support.

             They need additional support. Although each district has about 8 to 12 Government Degree Colleges and they are working as total individual entities so far. Pooling and sharing of resources will benefit students of all colleges especially rural colleges. 

         The Government Degree Colleges in each district, therefore, were networked with a select government college in the district, called the District Resource Centre (DRC). Year long activities are planned and implemented by the colleges of the district under the DRC for the benefit of the students in the subject and in general areas. The DRCs are expected tentatively to compensate some of the disadvantages faced by the students of all colleges, especially in the rural colleges.

DRC Committee :  Chair Person  - Dr. S. Vijayulu Reddy, Principal 

S .No

Name of the Faculty




Dr.P. Venkatesan

Lecturer In Telugu




Lecturer In English 



Dr. V. Balasubramanyam Achari

Lecturer in Physics



Dr. Dhananjaya Reddy

Lecturer in Mathematics  Member 
5 Sri. S. Karthik  Contract Lecturer in Political Science Member